Cross-Sector Alignment Efforts

A total of twenty cross-sector alignment efforts were selected in this evaluation varying by geography, maturity, size, and scope. While no two efforts were the same, our evaluation revealed how collaboratives can follow similar trajectories for developing infrastructure and advancing shared progress to improve community needs and health equity.

We asked several questions to really understand how these efforts function within various environments.

  • First, how have efforts in Texas developed shared purpose, governance, shared data, and finance?
  • Second, how were initiatives integrating equity in planning and practice?
  • Third, how did factors such as trust, community voice, and power dynamic influence the development of these efforts?
  • Finally, how was progress and success measured and realized among alignment efforts?

Click on the alignment organizations below to learn how cross-sector collaboratives are moving towards alignment to advance health and well-being in their communities. Each organization has a unique profile including an assessment of how the initiative has made progress in the RWJF Framework core areas. The findings presented for each coalition were compiled from data collected through the environmental scan, focus groups, online survey of coalition partners, and key informant interviews. For more information on methods, please see comprehensive report.

Click on the links below to view individual profiles of 20 cross-sector initiatives THI evaluated. Each profile includes an assessment of how the initiative has made progress across the Aligning Sectors core areas: Governance, Finance, Data, etc.


Note: Collaborative Approaches to Well-Being in Rural Texas spans across five counties as depicted on this map. For the purpose of this evaluation, the overall initiative was assessed.

Bastrop, Brooks, Morris, Nacogdoches, and Victoria Counties, Texas

Houston, Texas

El Paso, Texas

South Austin, Texas

Harris County, Texas

Midland, Texas

Waco and McLellan Counties, Texas

Bexar County, Texas

Texarkana, Texas & Arkansas

Greater Houston, Texas

Funding for this project has been made available through Aligning Systems for Health, led by the Georgia Health Policy Center with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation